Rhynotel’s hardware assortment of Private Branch Exchange (PBX) servers and phone handsets are perfect for any office of any size. After discussing your business VoIP needs, our consultants will engineer your system for the highest quality voice, data, and mobility features that are perfect for your business, including but not limited to, inputting your numbers and extensions, programming soft keys shortcuts to your desired features, plus mapping & recording your IVR (Interactive Voice Response) system for incoming calls to your office.

Private Branch Exchange (PBX) Hardware

A PBX is the core hardware residing on your premises that handles the switching between users internally and externally. All three of our PBX models are scalable and easy to configure for adding new employees, re-purposing hardware, and removing numbers as needed. All our Rhynotel PBX hardware units use Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) technology through Telepyx, which is also owned by Rhynotel, allowing all customizations to be in-house.

MILO & MILO+ - Barely larger than the phones themselves, MILO is our compact and lightweight entry-level PBX for up to 25 users. This ultra-quiet device packs quite the punch, dispatching up to 12 concurrent calls through SIP Trunking.

MILO+ supports up to 65 users and dispatches up to 40 concurrent calls while allowing the same footprint and power consumption as the original MILO.

200R & 1000R – The tanks of the Rhynotel PBX family. Though more traditional in looks, the 200R & 1000R move data like a race car. The 200R is designed for up to 200 users and dispatches up to 100 concurrent calls through SIP Trunking, while the 1000R is designed for up to 300 users and dispatches up to 155 concurrent calls.

They may seem like traditional PBX servers at first, but they carry the added customization and proficiency that only Rhynotel can use to charge up your phone service.

Rhynotel Phone Handset Assortment

Rhynotel’s variety of VoIP handsets satisfies the needs of anyone in your office. All our phone models are Gigabit IP phones with Power Over Ethernet (PoE) support and pass-through Ethernet so you can use one Ethernet line to connect with your workstation and handset.

42S – Sometimes a little more simple and sleek phone is what you need. The 42S is Rhynotel’s startup feature-rich phone that pursues ease of use while sporting superb call quality and a rich visual experience.

46S - Our most popular phone, the 46S sports a beautiful high-resolution 4.3” Thin Film Transistor (TFT) color display, USB recording, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, this phone adds even clearer Optima HD voice technology for life-like voice communications.

48S – What happens when we take everything about the T46S and make it even more powerful? We get the Yealink T48S, which incorporates a beautiful 7” TFT-LCD touchscreen display, 11 programmable keys, and optional Bluetooth USB adapter to make the experience even easier and more convenient.

T58V – Sporting a 7” adjustable Android-powered touchscreen, removable HD Camera, integrated Wi-Fi & Bluetooth, web-browser, and support of third-party apps, the T58V Smart Media Phone is the all-in-one communications solution that seamlessly melds simplicity and sophistication.

W52P – Perfect for migrative works or for those who just need a small, portable handset, the W52P’s broad compatibility, HD Voice capabilities, and simple deployment make it a more flexible option for those on the move.

Rhynotel Conference Phone Assortment

Rhynotel’s sleek and powerful Conference VoIP phones are perfect for the small to medium-sized office environments. Also sporting Gigabit IP, PoE, and pass-through Ethernet, as well as Android capabilities, these conference phones are stacked with easy-to-use features for your group calling needs.

CP960 – Power up your meetings with the enterprise-grade CP960. This Android-powered conference phone is perfect for small to medium-sized meeting rooms and comes equipped with a 5” touchscreen, Active Speaker recognition, 5-way conferencing, and USB Call Recording.

CP920 – Don’t need the bells and whistles of Android but still want the hardware of the CP960? The CP920 Conference phone is a fine choice. Retaining the stylish Y-shaped metallic design, the CP920’s one-touch quick meeting settings, clear voice technology and familiar touchable keypad keep it powerful as well as user-friendly.


EXP40 Sidecar Expansion – Perfect for the 46S & 48S handsets, this expansion module adds 20 flexible buttons that can be programmed for up to 40 unique features such as speed dialing, call status, and easy transferring.

CPW90 Wireless Microphone Kit – Expand your range with the CPW90 Wireless Expansion Microphone Kit for the CP960 Conference Phone, which is optimal for wide room coverage and 360-degree voice pickup for up to 10 feet without any wiring troubles.

What are the benefits of a Rhynotel Phone System?

  • Significantly lower upfront capital investment cost vs conventional VoIP phone systems
  • Lower monthly subscription rates, local taxes, and surcharges compared to traditional phone service
  • Cheaper long distance calling rates
  • Free in-network calls (ideal for businesses with multiple business locations)
  • A wide range of standard features included at no additional cost
  • Easy & seamless phone system implementation
  • Call center module and reporting tool available upon request

All of Rhynotel's VoIP Phone Solutions come with the features from our Features & Glossary page and are customized to your office requirements.

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