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The 10-person law office had an antiquated analog phone system that had been in place for many years and was quickly becoming outdated. As their office phone needs for premium features increased, so did their telephone bill as what the client requested would incur additional fees to an already expensive monthly cost. They also wanted to implement an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) that would act as an auto-attendant if no one was available, allowing incoming callers to route themselves. After surveying their network and reviewing their monthly cost savings, Rhynotel implemented and customized their new VoIP system. After implementing the phone system, we noticed a critical connectivity issue with their Internet Service Protocol (ISP).


Rhynotel implemented one of our MILO Private Branch Exchange (PBX) units and ported their numbers to our SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) Trunking service, Telepyx. Per their request, our agents recorded their IVR voice-over with names and extensions so incoming callers could route their own calls. The phone system was built and implemented by a set deadline. As for the issues regarding their ISP, through our agents’ diligence in performing detailed troubleshooting and audit logs, we proved that call quality issues were a result of the ISP’s inconsistent network performance. Through daily persistence and follow up, the ISP acknowledged their issue and implemented another node in the area to resolve the problem.

Business Impact:

After completing the project, the law firm experienced cost savings not only through the monthly service savings but through less power consumption due to the MILO PBX in their data center. This reduction in overhead coupled with the scalability of their new Rhynotel VoIP system has significantly improved the client’s ability to increase their productivity and invest their monthly costs savings back into the firm for growth.


Now that the ISP issue has been resolved, the phone system has been performing well for them. The owner can now monitor calls and receive voicemails as .wav files via email, which has been an incredibly useful feature for their office. The auto-attendant IVR has been working as intended, and the owner is happy with our service, not only through the quality and additional features but by our dedication to making them satisfied with their investment and saving them hundreds of dollars a month.

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